• Do you see emergency patients?

      Yes, we do see emergencies and most times we can provide treatment on the same day.

    • Do you treat children?

      No, we have limited our practice to adults only. Pediatric dentistry is a very special branch of the profession and requires a specific focus on the needs and problems of children. We feel that children will have a better dental experience if they start out in a practice that caters exclusively to them.

    • I just had treatment completed and now I've forgotten what I was told about home care. What was I supposed to do or not do?

      Often, the post-op instructions for routine procedures are the same for each patient. Check out our post op section to see a list of common procedures and their post-op instructions. If you still have questions or concerns about your treatment, please call the office at 541-342-6160.

    • My antibiotics says to take it until all the tablets are gone, but I feel fine already. Why do I have to finish the prescription?

      Antibiotic courses are formulated in specific doses, for specified amounts of time to kill particular bacteria. You feel better after several days on an antibiotic because the infection is starting to decrease. However, only some of the bacteria have been killed at this point. If you stop taking an antibiotic midway through a course, there will still be active bacteria at the site of infection. When no further antibiotic is consumed, they will continue to reproduce and your infection can easily flare again. Worse yet, bacteria that have been exposed to some antibiotic, but have survived it, become resistant to the antibiotic! Misuse of antibiotics is a leading cause of antibiotic-resistant bacteria or the "super bugs" that are so prevalent today. ALWAYS finish your antibiotic unless instructed otherwise by your dentist or physician.

    • Do you bill insurance?

      Yes, as a courtesy to our patients, we do bill insurance companies and receive claim payments from them. However, we are in no way affiliated with your insurance company. Your insurance plan is something YOU have purchased, or has been provided for you through your employer, to help offset the costs of dental treatment. We will estimate expected insurance coverage and help you maximize your benefits as much as possible, but ultimately the cost of treatment is your responsibility.

    • Do you take my insurance?

      South Eugene Dental does not contract with any insurance companies. If your insurance company requires that you see a certain list of dentists, or if your benefits are significantly reduced by going to a dentist outside the network, you may want to consider choosing a different office. However, in most cases there is little or no difference between in network and out of network benefits. It's always a good idea to know your insurance plan. If you have questions, please call your insurance company and ask them to explain.

    • My insurance pays 100% on cleanings, x-rays, and exams. Why did I still get a bill?

      Insurance companies will tell you that they pay 100% of those services. What they don't explain, however, is that they pay 100% of the allowed amount. This means that the insurance company decides the maximum amount they will pay out on certain services and that is the amount they "allow". They pay 100% of THAT figure, not the actual charge for the service. For example, if an exam costs $100, your insurance company may only allow $60 for an exam. Therefore, they pay $60 (100% of the $60 they allowed for that service) and the balance of $40 is your responsibility.

    • I just changed insurance plans. What information do you need?

      We will need to know who is the subscriber for the insurance, the name of the employer (or if this is an individual plan), the subscriber ID#, the Group#, and the insurance company's name, address, & phone number. Click here to submit your insurance changes online, or call the office with your information. Also, please bring your insurance card to your next appointment so we can get a copy for our records.

    • Do you take payments?

      We do our best to make dental treatment affordable for our patients. However, we are a small business and cannot carry large balances for long periods of time. Our preference, of course, is that you arrange to pay for your treatment as it is performed. The second option is for you to apply for a Care Credit line to cover your expenses. If neither of these options are possible for you, we will consider in-office financing. Payment plans will be worked out with you on a case by case basis. Generally speaking, we will require one-third of the total cost down and full pay-off within 6 months following treatment. For balances over 90 days old, we do charge a finance charge of 18%. Down payments are required before starting treatment. Monthly payments can be set up for automatic withdrawal using a debit or credit card.