• Office Policies

  • Canceled Appointments

    We understand that unforeseen circumstances may make it impossible for you to keep a scheduled appointment with us. We request 24 hours notice prior to your scheduled appointment for cancellation. However, if less than 24 hours notice is received and we are unable to fill your appointment time, we will charge a missed appointment fee as listed below.

    Missed Appointments

    We make every effort to remind you of upcoming appointments, including handing out appointment card swith calendar stickers, sending reminder cards in the mail (or via email if you prefer), and making confirmation calls the day before your scheduled appointment. However, if you still miss your appointment, or cancel with less than 24 hours notice, we will charge a missed appointment fee of $50. Fee may increase for patients who repeatedly miss appointments.


    Payment in full (or co-pays and deductibles for insurance patients) is expected at the time of service. We accept payment via cash, check, debit cards, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) and Care Credit. The Care Credit program is a credit line exclusively for dental expenses. This program offers many monthly repayment options, including 6 and 12 months interest free. Under certain circumstances, we may be able to offer in-office financing for large treatment plans. However, these arrangements must be discussed before treatment begins and all balances of 90 days old are subject to 18% finance charges.  You may request a treatment estimate prior to every appointment. The estimate will list recommended treatment and costs, as well as estimated insurance payments, where appropriate (see below). Please understand that these estimates are provided to help you budget for your dental treatment. However, costs may change during the course of treatment if additional services become necessary. In the event your account falls into default and is sent to a collection agency, you will be responsible for your current balance as well as all collection fees. 


    If you have dental insurance to help offset the costs of your treatment, we will estimate the benefit you can expect for each procedure. Our estimates are based on information provided to us by you and your insurance company. Insurance companies typically base their payments on an arbitrary fee schedule which may be much lower than usual and customary fees charged by us and other dental offices in the area. Also, insurance companies will often pay for comparable, but less expensive, procedures, such as amalgam (silver) fillings instead of composites (tooth colored). Please be advised that South Eugene Dental is not contracted with ANY insurance company. Your plan may pay at a reduced rate for an
    out-of-network dentist. In addition, your insurance may have individual plan limitations and exclusions that limit coverage. South Eugene Dental is not responsible for services denied by your insurance company. Any balance remaining after insurance has paid is your responsibility.

    Appointment Length

    The amount of time we set aside for your appointment is approximate and is based on the average time it takes to perform the procedure scheduled. Your appointment may take more or less time depending on the difficulty of your treatment. If you are under time constraints, please advise us at the start of your appointment so we can get you ready to leave when necessary. Although every effort is made to start your treatment at the scheduled time, there may occasions when you will need to wait while we finish up with the patient before you. At these times, we really appreciate your patience. Please remember that we are providing that patient with the same attention and quality service we will provide to you.